Roofing Project Completed


This steel framed veranda roof presented it’s fair share of challenges. Numerous onsite adjustments were needed since the house itself is quite old. In the design, special attention was placed on the function of the roof as a shade and wind barrier, since the aspect of the property is quite elevated and exposed.

Lighting and a sense of spaciousness was an important component of the brief, so we used a lightly coloured, semi translucent roofing material and adjusted the pitch of the dominant sections to create a feeling of openness.

Galvanised steel beams for the frame for longevity, strength and durability and the base of the installation is finished off with a protruding timber “shelf” for use as a food preparation area. The angle of this “shelf” complements the angles of the roof. and is positioned outward so as not to reduce the amount of available deck space.


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